About Jim Pocta



Throughout my life, God has consistently shown me tenderness and compassion in the midst of turmoil. After I came to belief in Christ, He led me to counselors—wise, spiritually mature individuals who helped with the slow and sometimes painful process of growth.

He has taken care of me through every step, even when I might wander; God is ever faithful to His children. He lovingly brings His children to the point of brokenness, so that we might find life in Him. As a result, I believe that He wants me to have a ministry of tenderness and compassion to others.

I believe that counseling is the journey of the client and the therapist, both seeking God and His will together. I have been given a heart to walk alongside those in distress, to help reveal what I believe the Lord wants them to see.

Sometimes, therapy can be a messy process. In it, we invite Jesus into the deep parts of our hearts that played a part in the dilemmas that we now face. Good Christian counseling involves spiritual maturity that goes beyond the relief of symptoms.

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University of Texas at Dallas - BA Literary Studies Amberton University - MA Counseling